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Species Conservation


Species Conservation Overview

The Cal Madow as a system includes many threatened and endangered species, which may be key to ecosystem function. Along with our work to monitor and conserve the frankincense trees, we are also working to study and protect important species that call the Cal Madow home.


Different Species

While there are many such species, we are beginning our efforts by focusing on two species, the Dragon’s Blood Tree (Dracaena ombet sub. shizantha) and the Warsangeli Linnet (Carduelis johannis).

Dracaena ombet is an IUCN Endangered tree that grows from Egypt to Somalia. It derives its name from the bright red sap it produces. Recent surveys in Sudan and Egypt show that the northern populations have either been completely extirpated or are in rapid decline. The Cal Madow population, then, may be an important reservoir of genetic diversity.

Carduelis johannis is also IUCN Endangered, and is found only in the Daalo. A small grey finch, it is thought to depend exclusively on the high-altitude juniper forest. Ongoing degradation in this area has put the finch’s existence in jeopardy.

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