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Water Conservation


Water Conservation

Despite the relatively higher level of rainfall in the Cal Madow compared to the rest of Somaliland, the area faces significant water shortages. Even without the current drought situation, much of the Cal Madow is rocky, and precipitation rapidly slides washes away. Therefore our partners are pursuing three main approaches to water conservation, which will be of great benefit to the communities in and around the Cal Madow:

Establishing Ground Water Wells- 

There are currently several wells in the area, but they are often very far from where the majority of harvesters work. Therefore, establishing more wells with a better distribution is necessary.


Capturing Fog- 

Large nets have been successfully employed in the Andes and Morocco to capture fog. The thick oceanic fogs characteristic of the Cal Madow make it a prime area for this approach, which may generate a significant percentage of the water necessary for communities at higher elevations.

Establishing Rock Gabions and Check Dams in Natural Drainages- 

Establishing rock gabions and check dams in natural drainages. 

Gabions and check dams provide a break that prevent water from flowing too quickly, giving it time to be captured or percolate into the ground. These structures are relatively cheap to produce and extremely effective at preventing erosion.

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